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What is the Cirrus Approach™?

August 8, 2021

As a Cirrus Training Partner, Tidal Aviation follows a comprehensive training program that teaches you to fly with the maximum level of skill and safety. This includes utilizing the Cirrus Approach to enhance your flight training with a library of engaging courses and videos that can be accessed from anywhere in the world on your schedule.

The Cirrus Approach prepares you for flight training at your own pace, before and after your transition training. With a safety-driven focus it is a comprehensive training tool that compliments the in-air instruction you’ll receive from your Tidal Aviation Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot.  It provides:

  • Expert Training
  • Online Learning Portal
  • Global Training Network
  • Options for All Levels
  • Engaging Videos & Courses


Visit cirrusapproach.com to learn more.