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3 Hours in a Car.

45 minutes in a Cirrus.

Chartering a private Cirrus airplane from Tidal Aviation truly allows you to fly on your time. No more stuck in stop-and-go traffic. No more being forced to abide by commercial airline timetables or wasting time in long security lines. When you fly with Tidal Aviation, we maximize your precious time, allowing you to do more, go further, travel more efficiently, and increase your quality of life. Visit multiple locations in remote locations in one day, close a business deal face-to-face, and be back in time for dinner.

We serve all Houston area airports including Houston Executive (TME), Sugar Land (SGR), David Wayne Hooks (DWH), Conroe (CXO), West Houston (IWS), Houston Southwest (AXH) and Ellington Field (EFD). Our flights provide you access to all regional airports throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico and beyond. We can often get you closer to your final destination than most major commercial hubs. And when you’re flying in a Cirrus aircraft at speeds of 200mph, you’ll not only arrive in style, but more importantly, when you want to. Our professional pilots will get you there safely, comfortably, and on time.

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Cirrus Aircraft:

Redefining Safety

As a passenger, we want you to fly with the maximum level of confidence. Tidal Aviation’s fleet of new Cirrus Aircraft delivers an aviation experience that is the pinnacle of innovation, quality and safety. Each aircraft includes a revolutionary whole-plane parachute system and sophisticated avionics that are standard on all Cirrus aircraft.

Tidal Aviation pairs these world-class aircrafts with our elite team of Cirrus Standardized Pilots, trained in the Cirrus Approach™ – a comprehensive Cirrus-approved training program. This means when you take to the skies with one of our pilots, you are flying with an expert.

What Safety Features Are Standard on a Cirrus?



The Cirrus Life

The Cirrus Life™ erases boundaries. Home becomes the people and places you love, no matter where they are, because getting there is just a short Cirrus flight away. When you fly in a Cirrus Aircraft you are opening yourself up to a world-class experience. It’s about using an accessible luxury airplane to enhance your lifestyle — in other words, to live a better, more fulfilled life because of it.

In a Cirrus aircraft embody your highest standards, the most cutting-edge technology, innovative safety features, impressive interiors and exhilarating performance. Discover the freedom of flight in a Cirrus aircraft.

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