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in Houston

Whether you are looking to purchase your next aircraft and wanting to test fly a Cirrus, or simply needing a getaway, Tidal Aviation provides private pilots access to the newest, most advanced Cirrus aircraft rental fleet in the greater Houston area. The SR20 is an ideal plane for most private pilots. A 4-seat, single engine airplane, the SR20 contains some of the most advanced technology available. For a bigger thrill, more experienced pilots may consider flying an SR22. This model is identical in appearance to the SR20. However, it features a 310hp engine thrusting you along at 185kts.

We only rent Cirrus airplanes due to their long history of proven performance, safety, reliability, and comfort. With the largest fleet of Cirrus Aircraft in Texas, our aircraft are available when you want to fly. We offer our aircraft to qualified renters for flights both domestically and in the Caribbean.

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Rental Requirements

All prospective Tidal Aviation renters must provide or complete a Cirrus Transition Certificate and Gold Standard Aviation check out. All renters must also possess a Private Pilot License and a 3rd Class Airman’s Certificate. Both documents must be presented to reserve a plane. Non-owners renter’s insurance is also required and can be purchased at the time of rental.

Depending upon your rental goals, our team will work with you to determine the training necessary before you are granted permission to rent one of Tidal Aviation’s Cirrus Aircraft. Please reach out with plenty of advance notice prior to when you desire independent access to the aircraft to guarantee plenty of time to complete all requirements.

Tidal Aviation Training

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Cirrus Aircraft Certified

Besides having a private pilot’s license, one of the other key requirements for renting a Cirrus Aircraft from Tidal Aviation is you must undergo transition training. We conduct transition training for pilots who are already certificated and wish to fly Cirrus SR20 and SR22 aircraft. You will conduct transition training with one of our Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots who are personally trained and evaluated by Cirrus to ensure a factory-level experience.

Depending on certification level and prior experience, completion of the appropriate transition course qualifies you for aircraft rental privileges in Cirrus airplanes with Tidal Aviation. We offer a variety of transition training courses to meet your private pilot goals. This includes basic, advanced, airframe and powerplant differences, and avionics differences transition training.

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